ELIOT TECHNOLOGIES is an electronics and electrical product development company delivering leading edge services across product development cycle.
Our services includes  product designing and implementation which converts idea into working model. The services also includes prototyping, commercial manufacturing and deployment in market worldwide.
Major areas that we serve in are electrical and electronics Circuit design and simulation, PCB designing, Sensors integration and testing, Embedded software services etc.

Research and Development

While fullfilling customer demands, we in Eliot technologies consistantly push ourseleves to work on upcoming and trending technology based product development. Our team is having brains full of innovative ideas who are researchers and developers and are able to convert their theorotical knowledge into practical world.

Prototype Designing, Development
and Testing

Our team is confident in turning your idea into reality. We provide customised product development solutions for our customers. We design, develop and test them with accuracy. Our wide area of expertise helps to provide solutions to customers of almost all topics in electrical and electronics domin. We follow simple steps of product development viz. idea generation, screening, concept development, product development and commercialization.

Reverse Engineering

While working on product development, sometimes customer comes with a product which needs an updates or upscaling. Here, our expertise uses their knowledge of reverse engineering to understand the functionality bringing them to the required solution. Implementation, Design recovery and Analysis recovery are the steps which we follow while doing re-engineering or reverse engineering.

Embedded Systems Development

When it comes to combimation of computer hardware and software designing for a specific function, we provide complete solution with functionality and validation.