Our Simplified Project Development Process


Collaborating with the customers is our main focus to understand their requirements.


After understanding the requirements correctly, building suitable and sustainable product is the next important step of development.


Delivering the final product on time and with accuracy is our final goal.

Who We Are

 We are a team of passionate people, who started journey with converting ideas into real time applications. While working on the projects we reached many industry subject matter experts and understood the pain points they are facing and took up the challenge to support them by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions.

This is how the journey of ‘Eliot Technologies’ started.

What We Do

Eliot Technologies is an Electrical, Electronics, IoT and Software development company. Our aim is to provide customized solutions as well as product and prototype development for our customers. 

We at Eliot Technologies have a team of enthusiastic and experienced people who constantly work technically to fulfil customers’ requirements. Our Design Experience, Engineering skills, and Agile Delivery approach is helping our client to meet their expectations.

Why Eliot Technologies

Today’s dynamic market condition is very challenging for all domains and industries, on one side it is giving ample opportunity to grow the business whereas on the other side there are chances of deprivation.

In this critical situation Eliot technologies are extending support to the customer so that they can sustain, perform and grow without interrupting their core business performance.


Apurva Deshpande

Apurva is the co-founder of Eliot Technologies and is also head of the technical deliveries in the area of Electrical, Electronics and Software Development projects in the company.

She holds a Master’s degree in Integrated Power Systems and Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.  She has experience of teaching and has been associated with different renowned educational institutes.

She also has industrial experience where she was working in R & D projects. Passion for technology skill development drove her to start her own venture.

Apurva’s father has always been her inspiration throughout her life and she always obliged her husband for his constant support.

Apart from work, Apurva likes singing and traveling to different places.

Neeraj Mourya

Neeraj is the co-founder of Eliot Technologies and head of the Marketing, IoT and RF department. He is also a key player in defining strategies of the company.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication.

With more than 10 years of industrial experience, he has expertise in innovative RF, Wireless, Semiconductors, Renewable Energy, IoT Product and Prototype development.

He is also an owner of digitalneeraj – a digital marketing company in which he provides digital marketing and branding solutions, SEO analysis to the client.

He is always highly applauded for his work by clients and his teammates.